Army · 23 September 2021
Afghanistan Diary
Diary of a British soldier on joint patrol with the Taliban
Army · 05 August 2021
Royal Regiment Of Australian Artillery
150th Anniversary 01 August 1871 - 2021
Friends of the RSL · 05 August 2021
Mudgeeraba Light Horse Museum
The Gold Coast Light Horse Education Museum
Army · 22 November 2018
The shores of Hobart's River Derwent are scattered with defunct gun batteries. Each tells a story about the threats perceived at a point in history, whether it be in Hobart's early colonial days or during World War II. Hobart's isolation did not make it immune to war and as an important shipping port, it was a target for Australia's enemies.
Navy · 21 November 2018
Submarine U862 in Tasmanian Waters WW2
Air Force · 04 November 2018
“During the six years that these Australians were deployed they played an important role in deterring the spread of communism from Indochina into northeast Thailand. “
Navy · 07 October 2018
Armistice Day is remembered as the day World War One ended, but for naval historians Britain's greatest victory came 10 days later. Operation ZZ was the code name for the surrender of Germany's mighty navy.
Army · 16 August 2018
Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War from 1962
Navy · 09 June 2018
A 103-year search for the first submarine lost in the Great War is over after HMAS AE1 was found off Papua New Guinea. This is the last known image of AE1, 9th September 1914.
Army · 27 May 2018
50 Year Anniversary

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