Battle of Coral Sea

  • May 4th 1942 - May 8th 1942
  • Japanese planned to invade Port Moresby in New Guinea.
  • Americans decoded the message and sent 2 fleets and some Australian cruisers to confront the Imperial Navy.
  • Both sides suffered heavy casualties and the invasion of Port Moresby was called off.
  • Tactical victory for the Japanese.
  • Later seen as a strategic victory for the Allies.

The wreckage of a US aircraft carrier credited with helping save Australia from possible Japanese invasion during World War II has been found off the Queensland coast. 


In May 1942, the USS Lexington, along with 216 of its crew and 35 aircraft, was lost during the Battle of the Coral Sea. Seventy-six years later, a search led by US billionaire Paul Allen has now located the wreckage around 800 kilometres off the coast of Queensland. 

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